Diversity and Fostering Inclusion

We Navigate Further Together

What’s better than building the next big thing? It’s doing so while never letting go of the little things that matter. None of the amazing things we do at Tekdoors would be possible without an equally amazing culture, the environment in which to do them, one where ideas can flourish, and where you are empowered to move forward as far as your ideas will take you. This is something we achieve through cultivating a culture of inclusiveness and openness, and a mindset of exploration and applied innovation. 

Our Values

Client Value

To surpass client expectations consistently with our hunger and boldness.

Leadership by Example

To act on our conviction that ordinary people can be inspired and mentored to do extraordinary things.

Integrity & Transparency

To be ethical, sincere and open in all our transactions.


Be objective,empathetic and caring in our transactions.

Equal Opportunity Employment

Welcome to a meritocracy of ideas.If an innovation has to serve a diverse set of people, it has to come from people of diverse backgrounds. It’s that simple. That’s why we have people from all walks of life – of different interests, genders, and orientations from over 150 nationalities, operating out of over 50 countries. Come, be defined by your skills, ideas and attitude, not your ability, race, sexuality, or nationality.


Women represent 20% of our Board and 25% of our workforce. Our global and local initiatives continue to strengthen the women in technology

Cultural Work

With over 157 different Nationalities from 62 countries the Tekdoors workforce is a tapestry of rich cultural diversity and racial equity and inclusion.

Multi Generation

The multigenerational workforce at Tekdoors helps us to adapt quickly to the ever-changing world.