Robot Process Automation (RPA)

Robot Process Automation

The opportunity to apply robotic automation to business processes has captured the attention of in a digital-first world that requires seamless operations, and greater value from resources. By adopting robotic process automation (RPA), Tekdoors have adopted automating rule-based processes with software programs that do not require human interaction, and are applying them to systems, such as ERPs, workflow, and databases. The next stage in the automation journey beyond RPA is Intelligent Automation (IA), which includes technologies such as machine learning and dynamic workflow. Intelligent Automation delivers exponential value by learning and adapting as it automates. While interest in RPA continues to soar, clarity on what this technology is, how it can be adopted successfully, and where it is going has not kept pace. To clear the ambiguity around RPA and its future, Tekdoors partnered with dedicated clients, a research firm, to produce this practical paper. Encompassing the insights RPA practitioners and subject matter experts, plus Tekdoors lessons from deploying more than 70 Bots, this guide offers best practices to organizations at all levels of maturity. Looking beyond the immediate productivity benefits, we also explore how firms are impacting top-line growth as the evolution into intelligent automation.