Dream big and don’t settle for the status quo

Come with your passion & positive energy

Open Culture and Diversity

Employee centric

Our employees make and define who we are, we make the environment friendly and customize to their best performance.

Customer focused

We just see opportunities as our customers, but as partners who provide us with a new chance to learn.

Vision driven

Our strategy is based on our vision to empower with technology, and we are committed to the cause.



We facilitate adequate vacation time to relax, rejuvenate and ensure you spend enough time with family & closed ones.


Experiencing TEKDOORS Consulting meaning becoming a part of us. Our trainings are comprehensive to help you get on board.


Medical, dental and vision plans come as a part of being in the TEKDOORS

Referral plan

If you love your time at TEKDOORS Consulting, tell your friends about us and we’ve got a little referral surprise for you.


While TEKDOORS Consulting Inc., is always looking for great people to grow its talent base, the positions listed on this page are immediately available. Please send your resumes to our HR Partner with Position ID.